13 Moons Berry Fast

Tamara Malcolm (Saulteaux/Ojibway) I’m a member of Serpent River First Nation. I’m a First Nation artist, pow wow dancer, designer, entrepreneur, and advocate for families dealing with child welfare issues. I love sewing, beading, dancing, and picking medicine.


Introducing my very first fabric design
13 MOONS “Berry Fast”
100% Cotton Fabric

A special ceremony is held when a young woman starts her very first moon. This young woman works alongside her women mentors. These women provide her with the teachings and guidance that she will need to move forward throughout her life. Teachings that will help prepare her to become a life giver. This young woman abstains from eating berries and dancing in certain ceremonies for one full year. One year later  aceremony is held to mark the end of the young woman’s berry fast.

During the 13 moons that pass this fabric is used to make a dress that will help guide girls through their journey into womanhood. This fabric is especially important to me because I was one of many young girls that was never able to learn the beautiful teachings of the berry fast. I created this fabric for other likewise Anishinabe kwe who were ripped away from their cultural roots. It’s never too late to try your berry fast! As of right now, many ladies are berry fasting the 13 moons. Encourage them throughout their journey!


Tamara Malcolm Designs.


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