New Southwest designs from David Textiles featuring Radiance Argyle, Embroidered Petals, Chenoa Argyle, Desert Grid and Kudu Sunset.

DX-2350-0C CW-4 Royal
DX-2350-0C CW-1 Black Multi
DX-2359-0C CW-10 Black Multi
DX-2359-0C CW-10 Red Orange
DX-2422-1C CW-3 Teal Multi
DX-2422-1C CW-4 Black
DX-3494-2C CW-1 Orange
DX-3494-2C CW-3 Teal
DX-3495-2C CW-2 Teal
DX-3495-2C CW-3 Brown

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