Aquatic Steampunk

©Desiree Designs takes us on an underwater adventure where imaginative sea life characters in a Steampunk world are waiting to greet you. This fantastical collection of imaginative octopi, seahorses, crabs, and other sea creatures are a sight to behold! Collection includes a 36” panel, picture blocks, a decorative stripe and fun coordinates. Create your aquatic masterpiece with this unique collection from QT Fabrics.

28392 Q_l
28392 J_l
28392 E_l
28393 E_l
28393 R_l
27772 K_l
28393 Q_l
27772 O_l
27772 Q_l
27772 E_l
27772 S_l
27772 R_l
28391 Q_l
28389 Q_l
28390 J_l

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