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International Textiles Ltd. is a Canadian company with more than 60 years of experience in the textile industry; our standing within the textile community is one of excellent quality and service. We are a family business committed to maintaining strong customer relationships while providing the best fabrics at the most competitive prices. Here at International Textiles Ltd., we sell a variety of fabrics such as: cottons, flannels, batiks, fleece, home decor, faux leather, assorted notions and pre-cuts.

We are excited that you are thinking of becoming one of our valued customers and we hope that the following introductory package will answer all your questions. Our sales team across Canada will also be available to answer any further questions and provide personalized suggestions and recommendations. As a family company, we understand the challenges faced by businesses like yours and we are here to inspire you by offering an incredible fabric selection and advice on upcoming trends and new arrivals that will help keep your business thriving.

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Please fill out the application form in the welcome package and return to: sales@internationaltextiles.ca

We now accept e-transfers and Visa/Mastercard debit!

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