World of Susybee Spring 2016 Quilt Market


Springs_QMSpring16-3Wsusybeeorld of Susybee Launches

As always, Susybee brings us beautiful children’s collections! Two new characters are added to Susybee’s world, and a very special new panel!

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Leif, the Caterpillar

Leif the Caterpillar is Susybee’s most colourful collection yet, appealing to both boys and girls. Click here to find out more about Leif the Caterpillar.


Purrl, the Cat

Purrl the Cat is purrfectly charming and would also appeal to boys and girls alike. Below is the quilt panel from this playful group. Click here to find out more about Puurl the Cat.


NEW! ‘Color Me’ Quilt Panel

The perfect family project, sure to become a cherished heirloom passed from mother to child or Grandma to grandchild, or just to enjoy colouring and making together.


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