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I don’t know about you but I’ve been seeing the Southwestern trend everywhere! If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ll remember that I posted about this trend in home décor, but today I want to share with you some Southwestern fashion! Indeed, this summer the Southwestern-chic look is going to be HUGE! Inspired by Native Art, with nods to hippie fashion of the 1960s, denim looks of the 1970s and plentiful of accessories as worn in the early 2000s boho trend, this look is casual and effortless but oh-so-chic!

Wearing this look is very easy, the trick is to try adding layers of loose-fitting tops, wraps, skirts or tunics and top it off with a piece that features a great Southwestern print. Pair that with your favorite jeans and a suede bootie, and you’ll be looking fabulous in no time. If you’d rather a more subtle Southwestern look, try a print on an infinity scarf or handbag. To make your look even more fashion-forward, accessories are the way to go. Again this season you will notice women wearing lots jewellery (several rings, bracelets, and/or necklaces worn all at once) with turquoise and leather accents. Beaded cuffs, fringes and suede are also staples for this trend, so if you’ve always loved that old fringed suede jacket that’s lying in the back of your closet, then now’s the time to dust it off and rock it on the streets!

What I love the most about this trend is that, since it looks very casual and unstructured, it’s really easy to recreate yourself at your sewing machine. Being mostly a quilter myself, making my own clothing can sometimes be a daunting task, but this casual style is really perfect to dive into the world of clothes-making. Here are a few ideas and tips to help your clients recreate this look using a few of our newest fabrics lines!

1) Maxi Skirt

Inspiration: Southwestern Maxi Skirt. Fabric by Elizabeth's Studio, "Tucson". Image via Pinterest.

Inspiration: Southwestern Maxi Skirt. Fabric by Elizabeth’s Studio, “Tucson”. Image via

The very first piece of clothing I’ve ever sewed was a skirt. I was 15 years old attending a sewing class at my high school… and let me tell you, it didn’t go so well! I waited another 5 years before attempting to sew my own clothes again, and that time I actually made something worth wearing! What I like about making skirts is that it’s very quick and even without a ton of practice or talent, it (usually) comes out looking fabulous. A lot of women can actually benefit from making their own skirts, and many chose to do so in order to have a better fitting outfit than what they can buy at the store. With maxi skirts, this is even more true since it’s sometimes hard to find a long enough – or short enough! – skirt at the store. There are many patterns (free or paid) that yield fantastic results, but for this trend, try suggesting a pattern that’s very simple. Straight lines with an elastic waist band (hidden or not) is usually the way to go. I’d also recommend using a really bold pattern here, like “Tucson” by Elizabeth’s Studio, to create a truly unique skirt!

2) Tunics

Inspiration: Southwestern Tunics. Fabric by Riley Blake, "Four Corners". Image via Pinterest.

Inspiration: Southwestern Tunics. Fabric by Riley Blake, “Four Corners”. Image via

This is probably the most comfortable fashion is ever going to get! Not only are tunics usually super flattering, they’re also really comfortable for everyday wear! Again, loose-fitting is the key to recreate this trend. Although tunics are a little bit more difficult to sew than skirts, many patterns are easy enough to follow along, even for a beginner. However, I’d probably recommend trying to create short sleeve or tank-top style tunic before attempting a long-sleeved one, as pictured above. If you’re looking a great pattern to recommend, I really love Sew Serendipity Studios’ tunic patterns, designed for Riley Blake for their vintage vibe and easy to follow instructions. And speaking of Riley Blake, did you see their new “Four Corners” collection? I’m LOVING these patterns AND they’re available in cotton and knit!

3) Bags

Inspiration: Southwestern Bags. Image via Pinterest. Fabric by Quilting Treasures "Laredo"

Inspiration: Southwestern Bags. Fabric by Quilting Treasures, “Laredo”. Image from

From backpacks to slouchy handbags and multi-purpose totes, Southwestern motifs really turn a boring everyday bag into a statement piece! Bags can sometimes be a little tricky to sew, but with guidance from your store’s experts, anyone can accomplish it! If your client is a seasoned sewing enthusiast, suggest that they make an awesome backpack with suede or leather accents. If there aren’t so experienced, then a easy cotton tote bag is a great idea! If your client can’t find a bag pattern that works for them in your store, Blank Quilting has a few bag patterns available for free download. Bags would also make a great and unique sewing project to feature at your shop’s sew-along events! I love the simple and modern take on Southwestern motifs featured in the new Quilting Treasures “Laredo” collection.


I’m so excited to try incorporating more Southwestern motifs in my wardrobe this Spring and Summer! I feel like this look has a certain laid-back feel to it that just speaks to me… almost like I’d be attending the Coachella Festival everyday! Now, if only the warmer weather would arrive…!

What do you think of this trend? Is it too bold for your taste, or are you already adopting the style? Let me know if the comments! Share your Southwestern-inspired projects with us on Facebook!

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Happy trend-hunting!