“Bruce the Moose” by Susybee

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A new collection by Susybee!

Shipping January-February 2017.

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About Susannah Bleasby: The woman behind World of Susybee fabrics.

Susannah Bleasby didn’t set out to become a fabric designer. In fact, when she was told she didn’t have what it takes to become a professional artist, she began to doubt whether her love of art could be a viable career path. She just knew she loved to draw and paint and it was a passion she refused to give up on. And so, she kept at it, painting proli cally and never missing an opportunity to indulge in her art. It soon became clear her artistic voice was best expressed through her ever-growing cast of whimsical characters, and thus, the World of Susybee was born.

Susybee came first, “because she’s the easy one to draw and is the most like me”. Soon after there was Paul the frog, created for and named by a little girl she babysat for. Lewe the sheep followed shortly thereafter, and then one by one, the World of Susybee characters arose from Susy Bleasby’s imagination. To her, they emerge fully formed, with their own personalities, likes, and dislikes, and most importantly, they all have stories and things to say.

There are well over a dozen in her popular menagerie now, including Zoe the shy giraffe and most recently, Oolie the Monkey, whose playfulness is pure joy. Speaking from her home in Toronto Canada, this is what Susy had to say – “Each character lives in my imagination, but their spirit is in my heart”.