Inspiration for Mother’s Day Events


Hi everyone!

The warm season has finally arrived and with it, the first celebration! Yes, that’s Mother’s Day! What are your Mother’s Day traditions? With the approach of May, we usually start shopping for a great gift for Mom or start planning a big dinner or brunch party. But what about changing up your traditions? In the end, while every mother enjoys a nice gift, really, what mom wants is a little fun and relaxing time! So why not hold a Mother-Daughter Sewing Event in your store this year? This is a great way to bring in new customers and introduce sewing to the younger generation. For this type of event, we’d suggest choosing a project that is simple enough for beginners and can be finished in 2 to 3 hours. Here are a few suggestions, but for more project inspiration take a look at our Pinterest page!

1) Practical Sewing Caddy

Pin Cushion and Snip-It Bag Tutorial. Image via

Pin Cushion and Snip-It Bag Tutorial. Image via

I LOVE this project! Since many of our sewing rooms are shared spaces, this practical caddy will keep everything nice and neat (which Mom will just love!).

2) Cool Bag


“Hipster Bag” project sheet by Riley Blake

This bag’s modern shape is great for both young girls and moms alike!

3) Simple Picnic Quilt


“Simple Picnic” Quilt Project Project Sheet by Riley Blake.

Get outside and enjoy the sun on this gorgeous picnic quilt! This super simple quilt pattern is a great way to introduce beginners to the world of quilting. Use any bright fabric and it will look great!

4) Sewing Accessories 

Pressing Mat Tote Project Sheet by Blank Quilting.

Cutting Mat Tote & Pressing Mat Project Sheet by Blank Quilting.

Since this pattern includes two accessories, have Mom make one and her daughter the other! These are perfect and practical for any sewing or quilting enthusiast. Turn these into a keepsake by having them try embroidering a simple shape (like a heart!) or initials.

5) Classic Tote Bag

Marseille Tote Bag Project Sheet by Blank Quilting.

Marseille Tote Bag Project Sheet by Blank Quilting.

Now this is a really fun project! This girly tote bag is perfect for new moms as a diaper bag, or as a grocery bag. Use floral and pink fabrics for a ultra-feminine look!

6) Easy Table Runner

"Diner's On" Table Runner Project Sheet by Elizabeth's Studio.

“Dinner’s On” Table Runner Project Sheet by Elizabeth’s Studio.

This table runner makes a great decor project! Have mom and her daughter team up to quilt and then put together this easy runner.

7) More Advanced Table Runner

"Blue Bird" Table Runner Project Sheet by Studio e.

“Blue Bird” Table Runner Project Sheet by Studio e.

If you’ve decided to do a table runner project for your event, this can be a second option for more experienced quilters. The Studio e fabric featured in this project really creates a beautiful summery runner that could be used for the patio table!

I hope you enjoyed some of our project inspiration. If you’re planning a Mother’s Day event, what projects are you going to be using? Share your inspiration and ideas with us in the comments!

Happy Mother’s Day!