Fall Inspiration: My 8 Favourite Projects

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Hi everyone!

It’s officially Fall… Summer went by so fast, don’t you agree?! The cold winds are already back… and I heard that some of us have already experienced some frost and even a little snow! One thing’s for sure, Canadian weather never leaves us indifferent! While Summer’s great, Fall is a truly magical season for us Canadians: as the landscape changes, we get to truly witness the beauty of our surroundings.

Inside our homes and stores it can also be a magical time. Bringing out the warmer quilts that were put in storage last Spring and changing up the decor, certainly makes me grateful that we live in a country where we get to experience the changing of the seasons! Fall is also a nice time to start working on some homemade Holiday gifts and for sewing new warm clothing for our children to wear during the winter.

Most importantly in our business, it’s a great time to spruce up our shops’ displays and show off fresh project ideas to our customers! I’m certain that many of you have been receiving “truckloads” of Fall, Halloween, and Christmas fabrics and are wondering what kind of projects you should feature in your store or during your next sewing class.

So I’ll get straight to the point: here are my 8 favorite sewing, and quilting projects for Fall 2015!

#1 Easy Tablet Sleeve Tutorial by Sugar Bee Crafts

Tablet Sleeve Tutorial by Sugar Bee Craft (Left). "Lady Claire" fabric by Blank Quilting (Right).

Tablet Sleeve Tutorial by Sugar Bee Craft (Left). “Lady Claire” fabric by Blank Quilting (Right).

I LOVE this easy Tablet Sleeve! It’s a super versatile project: give it as a gift this Holiday season, make one for your kid to bring to class, or dress up your tablet to match your seasonal home decor! This tutorial has great images, so it’s easy to follow along. Since I use my tablet a lot in the sewing room to watch videos or to calculate fabric measurements (and more often than not my scissors end up right on top of the screen!), I’ll be making myself one using “Lady Claire” fabric by Blank Quilting!

If your shop has a dedicated iPad or tablet, this is a really quick project that allows you to show off the newest fabric trends in a subtle way!


#2 Wool Blanket-Coat

Wool Blank Coat Tutorial by eHow Craft Blog.

Wool Blank Coat Tutorial by eHow Craft Blog.

Who says Fall says Fall Coats! I’m SO very happy that the “cape” is back in style this season! I’ve seen similar “capes” or “coats” in the department stores already, but they aren’t cheap! I’ve seen some that retail for over $100!

Why not try make one yourself to wear around the shop? Marcus Fabrics offers 100% wool fabrics in a variety of colours!

Pssssst! Did you spot the fringe in the image? It’s definitely “IN” this season! Make your own by following this easy tutorial.


#3 Storage Slings

Fabric Slings Storage Tutorial by Domestic Imperfection

Fabric Slings Storage Tutorial by Domestic Imperfection

This is a really original and GREAT way to add storage around your house or store! With the kids back in school you might end up with all sorts of books lying around the house (or on your kitchen table!)… this is a really pretty way of keeping things organized and close by.

Or, use these fabric slings as a magazine display in your shop! Use your favorite Holiday fabric to add to your decor – I bet you your customers will notice the genius idea and the magazines way more! You could also make a miniature version of this idea to display all the Holiday cards that you’ll be receiving soon! Just make sure to adjust the width of the slings to fit the items you wish to put on them. For Halloween displays, try a pattern from the “Happy Haunting” collection; for Christmas, use the gorgeous “Holiday Elegance” line!


#4 Reversible Apron

Reversible Apron Tutorial (left); My fabric choices: Top "Dancing in the Shadows, Below: Abundance (right).

Reversible Apron Tutorial (left); My fabric choices: Top “Dancing in the Shadows, Below: Abundance (right).

I don’t know about you, but for me Fall is the best season to cook! First, it’s canning time, then comes Thanksgiving, Halloween and finally the Holidays – all excellent reasons to spend hours in the kitchen! I know there’s a gazillion tutorials out there on how to make an apron but I really love this Reversible Apron from Laura at SewVeryEasy! Her technique is flawless and her videos are awesome!

This year, I’m working on a reversible Halloween/Thanksgiving apron that I can wear all throughout the month of October! For Halloween fabric, I’ll be using Marcus Fabrics “Dancing In the Shadows” pattern #0429-0162 (I love this fabric because of the dancing skeletons, perfect for this project as I’m known for dancing while cooking in my family!); for the Thanksgiving one, I’ll use Quilting Treasures’ “Abundance” pattern 23938-E.

A great tutorial to teach during beginner sewing classes, or to suggest to your customers!


#5 Leaf Appliqué Burlap Table Runner

Burlap Applique Table Runner by Seasoned Homemaker.

Burlap Applique Table Runner by Seasoned Homemaker.

I adore the look of this table runner! Burlap is a really nice material to work with in the Fall. You can make cute wreaths and other outdoor decor with it. The rustic feel of this material just “fits” with this season.

The only downside to burlap is that it can get a little messy to work with! To avoid making a big mess, try lightly spraying the fabric with water and using a rotary cutter instead of scissors.

We offer all kinds of Burlaps, take a look at the Springs Creative catalogue to see all the beautiful metallic accented burlaps, printed burlaps and more! (I LOOOOVE the new Damask print Burlap!!!)


#6 Diamond Drop Quilt

Diamond Drop Quilt by Melissa Corry for Riley Blake Blog.

Diamond Drop Quilt by Melissa Corry for Riley Blake Blog.

Melissa Corry from Happy Quilting is amazing at creating fabulous quilt patterns that look intricate but are really easy to do, just like this one! This is a great quilt to make to display in your store. Show off some long-arm quilting techniques (if your store offers long-arm machines!), or just keep it simple and showcase only the quilt top design with seasonal fabrics! The tutorial uses the colouful group “Fancy and Fabulous” but you could do this with any fabric you’d like to showcase.


#7 Pumpkin Patch Quilt

Pumpkin Patch Quilt by Riley Blake. Fabric also by Riley Blake, "Halloween Magic"

Pumpkin Patch Quilt by Riley Blake. Fabric also by Riley Blake, “Halloween Magic”

Celebrate Halloween with this very easy quilt pattern! This FREE Store Display quilt by Riley Blake is a quick project that is sure to make your shop look festive this year!

Instead of a quilt, use the same directions and pattern for the pumpkin block to make a bunting and hang it in your store! The line featured in this pattern, “Halloween Magic” even has a few Glow-In-The-Dark patterns! How cool!


#8 Scrappy Pot Holders

Scrappy "Leaf" Pot Holder by Buttons and Butterflies.

Scrappy “Leaf” Pot Holder by Buttons and Butterflies.

These cute Pot Holders are amazing to make to get rid of some of your fabric scraps! They make a great hostess gift or add a nice seasonal touch to your kitchen. This is another very quick and easy project that would look great in your store: make a few and hang them up, or leave them around your store to place decorative objects on!

The tutorial even gives you a free leaf pattern if you’d like to use it, but really it’s very simple to recreate it yourself in different sizes! Note how the quilting really enhances the look of the leaf.


BONUS Project!

Last but not least, as a bonus, I just wanted to leave you with an image of a gorgeous quilt that gives a bit of a twist on the traditional Fall colours! This beauty, entitled “Harvest Spectrum” was made using Studioe‘s Peppered Cottons by Don’t Call Me Becky. Isn’t the colour placement just wonderful?

Harvest Spectrum Quilt


I hope you I inspired you to create and decorate your store this season! Looking for more inspiration for Fall sewing and quilting projects? Check out our Pinterest board!

Let me know in the comments below which project was your favourite and how you’re planning on decorating your store this season!